Concept of AC Fundamental and different value

Analysis of AC Fundamental | What is AC Fundamental | Faraday law | Form Factor | Peak factor | Maximum value | Average value | Instantaneous Value | Types of induced EMF | Dynamically-induced EMF | Statistically induced EMF | Self-induced EMF | Mutually-induced EMF | Instantaneous value Introduction Most of the time, we use … Read more

What is resistance and why it is so important?


Introduction In the electrical field, resistance is an important property. And we always discuss about resistance. because many of the phenomena occurred due to the resistance of the material. What is resistance? ‘The property of a material by virtue of which it opposes the flow of current is called resistance.’ If we talk about every … Read more

Why industries use electrical panel. And it so important?


Introduction: – Hello, guys. In today’s post, we’ll go over various types of panels used in industries. We’ll also talk about the names of those panels, because different industries have different names for them. Why are industrial panels used? So, this question can arise in our minds: Why do all industries use these panels? As … Read more

What is the proximity effect? How to mitigate it?

Introduction: Hey guys, you know that in alternating current, which is transmitted by transmission lines, there are many factors that affect this system. where there are skin effects, corona effects, proximity effects, etc. In this post, we will discuss the proximity effect, including what it is and why it exists. and how to reduce this … Read more

What is the Ferranti effect and how to mitigate it?

What is the Ferranti effect

Introduction Hey, guys, you’re aware that many phenomena occur in an alternating-current transmission line. where there is the skin effect, proximity effect, corona loss, and Ferranti effect, among others. Now in this post, we will discuss the Ferranti effect. What is the Ferranti effect, what is the root cause of it, and how can we … Read more

What is ground clearance in transmission and distribution line?

Introduction Hey, I’m sure you guys understand how power is transferred from one location to another. In this method, we use an overhead transmission line by means of a supporting pole and tower. But one question remains: what should the pole’s height be? Is there a set standard? So, in this post, we will discuss … Read more