Why industries use electrical panel. And it so important?

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Hello, guys. In today’s post, we’ll go over various types of panels used in industries. We’ll also talk about the names of those panels, because different industries have different names for them.

Why are industrial panels used?

So, this question can arise in our minds: Why do all industries use these panels? As a result, the use of electrical panels is critical in industries. Here are some points behind using electrical panels in industries:

Why industries use electrical panel
  • Power is distributed to industries in a systematic manner by panels.
  • Power can be managed properly if we use an electrical panel.
  • If any type of fault occurs in an industry, the panel assists in locating the fault.
  • Due to the panel, we can prevent major faults in industrial wiring.
  • There are numerous types of protective relays and circuit breakers in the panel that protect against various types of faults.
  • We can distribute the load separately by making many circuits. so that during maintenance we can continue the other healthy circuit properly.
  • Due to electrical panels, we can easily collect the power consumption data from these panels. And make a power log book for future use.
  • If our power factor is very low, we can improve power in industries by using an APFC panel.

Industrial electrical panels:

Almost every industry used to be supplied by an electrical panel. However, there are numerous types of panels used in industry. The names of these panels are listed below.

  • HT panel
  • LT panel
  • MCC panel
  • MDB panel
  • APFC panel
  • DG panel
  • Hormonic panel
  • AMF panel
  • Synchronous panel
  • Change the switch panel
  • LDB panel
  • SLDB panel
  • ELDB panel

HT panel:

HT panel means high tension panel. which means high-voltage panels. These panels control high-voltage power coming from high-tension lines like 11 kV, 33 kV, 66 kV, etc. This panel is established where there is a need for high voltage to operate any apparatus in industries. Firstly, an HT line comes from the substation and connects to this HT panel. And after that, the output of the HT panel connects to the step-down transformer. And the transformer output will connect to the LT panel.

Sometimes, high-temperature loads can create a poor power factor. In this condition, we use a HT capacitor panel to improve the power factor.


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LT panel:

The LT panel is the most important panel for industries. This panel is used by all industries. LT means low tension or voltage. So, all industries need low-voltage power supplies. Because every industrial motor and many devices run on 3-phase low voltage, such as 415 or 650 volts. Some industries call it the Main LT Panel, and some industries call it the PCC Panel (Power Control Centre). This panel connects to an HT panel if an HT panel is available in the industry.

MCC panel:

The full form of MCC is Motor Control Centre. It means this panel controls the various types of motors that are used in industries. Induction-type motors handle the majority of the load in industries, as you are aware. That’s why we use a separate panel for motor supply control. The main LT panel powers this panel.

MDB panel:

MDB’s full name is Main Distribution Panel. As you may be aware, there is a separate panel for motor loads known as the MCC panel. But for other loads, like for Crain operations, welding machine operations, drill machine operations, and various tool operations, there is a separate panel to distribute the supply. That’s why we call it an MDB panel. It can be more than one panel. It depends on the number of circuits. In this case, we refer to them as MDB-1 and MDB-2. Some industries have separate names, like PDB (primary distribution board).

APFC panel:

Industries have many types of loads, like inductive load and resistive load. In this case, the power factor of the supply has become poor. And if any industry uses it, most of the load is inductive. Then the power factor of the supply becomes very poor. So, these types of industries use APFC panels to improve the power factor. APFC’s full name is automatic power factor controller.

Hormonic panel:

Some industries create more harmonic distortion than other industries. Some industries may be harmed as a result of high hormonic distortion in the supply. Harmonic distortion occurs when too many types of loads are connected. So, to filter this harmonic distortion, we use a harmonic panel.

AMF panel:

The full form of AMF is automatic main failure. It means that if the main power supply fails to supply power to industry. In this case, this panel helps provide a supply from a standby source like a DG (diesel generator) or another substation’s supply that is connected as a standby supply.

Synchronous panel:

This is used to synchronize two supplies coming from different grids or substations. In this process, synchronous panels help to synchronize the two supply voltages and create a single supply to operate a load.

DG panel:

This panel controls the supply, which comes from a diesel generator. And then feed the power to various types of loads in industries.

Change-over switch panel:

This panel is used to switch from one supply source to another. This type of panel is mostly used by firefighters.

LDB panel:

LDB stands for “light distribution board” panel. To supply the various lights in industries, we use LDB panels. This panel can have more numbers.

SLDB panel:

Its full name is a secondary light distribution board. This panel is also used in industries to supply the secondary type of lighting system.

ELDB panel

This panel is used in industries to provide emergency lighting. The full form of ELDB is the emergency light distribution board.

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