Some general rules for wiring you should know.

Introduction: –

These general rules for wiring is taken from Indian electricals rule book (IE RULE). Which is suitable for all type of house wiring.

General rule for energy meter, Main switch board and Distribution board: –

  1. These three apparatus, Energy meter, Main switch board and Distribution board should be accessible to third person like electricity supplier, and electrician. Because these all third person’s priority is to check these three apparatuses first. That’s why should place these three-apparatus outer area from house where weather not affects.
  2. Energy meter’s height should be 1.5 meter from ground level, so that supplier can take reading easily.
  3. A switch-fuse unit must be connected just after energy meter. Switch- fuse unit means a main switch with cut out fuse should connect just after energy meter. Cut out fuse should connect only in phase wire and neutral wire should connect with a link wire which is made from aluminum or copper.
  4. In case of three phase main switch and fuse both should be connected with all three phases. So that it can be close when needed.
  5. Every circuit should be distributed according to Indian rule. And every circuit phase wire should protect form fuse unit. To complete this, we apply distribution board just after main switch and fuse unit.
  6. Distribution board should be 1.5-meter height from ground level.
  7. Sub-Distribution board should also be place in room when its needed.
general rules for wiring
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Circuit distribution related Rule: –

  1. Generally, in house light and fan circuits are same. But power circuit is different.
  2. Light, fan and 5 A socket circuit are called general circuit. And by summarizing, all three circuit should not be more than 10 points or should not more than 800 watts in a circuit.
  3. On every 10 points or 800 watts, we should make another circuit in distribution board.
  4. But in case of power circuit in one circuit can carry 3000 watts and should not be acceded more then 2 power 15 A socket.
  5. In every room two light point should be connected and one extra points should be connected for future expansion.

Some wiring rule of wire: –

  1. Horizontal run of wiring on the wall should be 4-meter form ground level or 0.5 meter from celling level. If celling level height is abnormally high then in this case horizontal run of wiring should be 3.5 meter from ground level.
  2. Generally, wire has to pass across the wall near by celling. In this case we should pass wire with porcelain pipe.
  3. Conductor measurement should be correct so that fault can’t be occur.
  4. For fan-light circuit 1.5 mm2 aluminum wire and for power circuit 2.5 mm2 aluminum wire should be use.
  5. Mutual distance of wiring clip should be 10 cm in case of horizontal run and 15 cm in case of vertical run.
  6. All metal part of whole apparatus which is use in wiring system, should be earth-grounded.
  7. In wiring pipe wire should not be jointed wire. It can create faults.

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Light fan and switch board related rule: –

  1. Lamp height should be 2.5 meter from ground if not necessary.
  2. Fan height should be 2.55 meter from the ground level, till not necessary.
  3. Every circuit point should be connected with on/of switch separately. And switch should connect with phase wire.
  4. Switch height should be 1.3 meter from ground till not needed.
  5. Two-way switch should be use for big hall and stairs.
  6.  If we need switch in dark place then we should use a special switch which has own light or glare so that it can identify location itself.
  7. Switch board should be 1.25-meter height form the ground level. And switch board location should be near the entrance of room.

Kitchen, bathroom and bed-room related rule: –

  1. Light point should give a proper location so that a good amount of light lied on working place.
  2. In bedroom light switch should be near the bed so that it can control during sleeping moment.
  3. In bathroom light switch should be place at outer wall of bathroom and it should be nearest of both-room’s door. If we place the switch inner wall of bathroom then it can very much possibility that it can get wet.

Socket outlet related Rules: –

  1. Three pin socket and plug must be use in everywhere instead of emergency.
  2. And third pin of three-pin socket must be connected with earthing system of institution or house.
  3. Every socket must be controlled by a socket separately.
  4. 5A socket should not be use as power socket like press, heater, etc. it can occur fault in wiring.
  5. For power apparatus 15 A socket should be use.
  6. Socket should be place either 25 cm or 1.3-meter form ground level. Switch of 25 cm socket should place 1.3 meter from ground level. So that children can’t be able to access the switch. If children are accessible to socket, then we should use shutter type socket of interlocking system base socket.
  7. Socket outlet should not be mount just behind the apparatus.
  8. Enough number of sockets should be placed in every room so that long wire usability could be less.
  9. Socket should be 1.3 meter from ground level in bathroom.
  10. In kitchen area two or three, 3-pin 15 A socket should be place.

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