Inspection and maintenance of lead acid battery

A battery which gives you dc supply. If we want a longer lasting battery life then we have to maintain batterie’s regular maintenance, general care and proper inspection. In this article we will discuss about general maintenance, care and inspection.

As we know that mostly we use lead acid battery that’s why we will discuss about maintenance of lead acid battery.

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battery inspection and general checking

Maintenance of lead acid storage battery: –

Here are some points of regular maintenance of lead acid battery.

  1.  First point is that during charging of battery, a proper dc source should be available. And charging direction should be in the right direction.
  2. Positive and negative plates should be properly poured in electrolyte.
  3. Charging of a battery should be a certain rate.
  4. A battery cell discharge limit is 1.8 volt. This rate should not be exceeded. Before exceeded you must have to charge.
  5. A battery’s cell should not be excessively charged or excessively discharged. It can be harmful for your battery’s life.
  6. Battery should not be left in discharged mode condition for long time.
  7. Fire should not be available in surrounding during charging of a battery.
  8. We should measure specific gravity of battery’s electrolyte after charging and discharging.
  9. We must have added distilled water in battery, if electrolyte is low level.
  10. Sometimes, we should overcharge the battery so that collected sulphide is removed from the plate.
  11. During charging, vent plug should be loose so that produced gas can bring out from battery container.
  12. All terminals of the battery should be properly cleaned.
  13. We should keep this battery on Trickle charging mode, if battery is not in use.


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General Care of battery: –

General care of a lead acid battery is given below.

  1. The level of the electrolyte should be maintained 10 to 50 mm over the plate.
  2. We should not over discharge like below 1.8 volt.
  3. A battery should always charge on the rated efficiency.
  4. Battery should not leave on discharge and semi-discharge condition.
  5. Commercial H2SO4 and general borewell water should not be used as electrolyte.
  6. Battery area should be clean and air free room is also required.

General inspection and checking of a lead acid battery: –

To maintain battery’s life longer, we should inspect and check regularly of battery.

  1. To inspect of damaging container, busbar terminals, oxidization condition and level of electrolyte.
  2. To inspect condition of the plate like its colour, destruction, etc.
  3. Checking of collected wastage of battery in glass container battery.
  4. Condition of separators, temperature and density of electrolyte voltage of battery.

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